Emergency Medicine Cases

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2023-09-26 Ep 187 Crashing Anaphylaxis – AMAX4 Algorithm and The Max McKenzie Case
2023-09-12 EM Quick Hits 51 – Methylene Blue in Septic Shock, TMJ Dislocation, Crohn’s Disease, Analgesia for Renal Colic, Inhaled Steroids for Asthma, Hypocalcemia in Bleeding Trauma Patients
2023-08-22 Ep 186 Traumatic Dental Emergencies
2023-08-09 Ep 185 Atraumatic Dental Emergencies
2023-07-18 EM Quick Hits 50 Normal Unenhanced CT Renal Colic DDx, Perichondritis, Magnesium in Pediatric Asthma, Steroids for Pneumonia, OMI Cath Lab Activation
2023-06-27 Ep 184 Must Know Drug Interactions in Emergency Medicine
2023-06-06 EM Quick Hits 49 Stroke Management Update, Intussusception, 5 Penetrating Trauma Tips, Skin Foreign Body Hack, CT Radiation Risk, Emergency Fund
2023-05-23 Ep 183 STIs: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Genital Lesions – HSV, Syphilis and LVG
2023-05-09 Ep 182 STIs: Cervicitis, Vulvovaginitis and Urethritis Emergency Recognition and Management
2023-04-25 EM Quick Hits 48 – FAST in Pediatric Trauma, Multiple Myeloma, Drowning, AKA, Global EM
2023-04-11 Ep181 Cerebral Venous Thrombosis, Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, Giant Cell Arteritis and Peripartum Headaches
2023-03-28 EM Quick Hits 47 HFNC, Dissection Drugs, ADJUST-UNLIKELY for PE, Antibiotic Course Duration, Skin Glue Hacks, ESP Block, Learner Oversight
2023-03-14 Ep 180 Acetaminophen Poisoning – Pitfalls in Assessment and Management
2023-02-28 Ep 179 Hand Injuries – Finger Tip Injuries, Jersey Finger, PIP Dislocations, Metacarpal Fractures, Thumb Injuries, Tendon Lacerations
2023-02-14 EM Quick Hits 46 – Wilderness Medicine, Bowel Prep Hyponatremia, Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus, Morel Lavallee Lesions, Pacemaker ECGs, Loans vs Investing
2023-02-14 JJ 23 Laceration Aftercare – Dressings, Antibiotics, Improving Cosmesis, Preventing Infection
2023-01-31 Ep 178 Hand Injuries – Pitfalls in Assessment and Management
2023-01-17 JJ 22 Laceration Repair – Glue vs Strips vs Staples vs Sutures
2023-01-02 EM Quick Hits 45 ETCO2 in Cardiac Arrest, Organ Donation, Paraphimosis, Medicolegal Myths, QI Corner
2022-12-20 Ep 177 Bronchiolitis – Diagnostic Challenges and Management Pitfalls
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