Genetics Unzipped

From Mendel's peas to personal genome sequencing, Genetics Unzipped brings you stories from the world of genes, genomes and DNA. In association with The Genetics Society.
2023-09-21 BONUS Hormones: The Inside Story - Is my diabetes my fault?
2023-09-07 S6.18: An Evolutionary Revolutionary: Alfred Russel Wallace and the discovery of natural selection
2023-08-24 S6.17: Vax to the future: The science of DNA and RNA vaccines
2023-08-10 S6.16 Double helix double crossing? What really happened between Rosalind Franklin, James Watson and Francis Crick?
2023-07-27 S6.15: Cordelia Langford: Making Big Science Happen
2023-07-13 S6.14: Tracking COVID and tackling obesity: Meet this year’s Genetics Society award winners
2023-06-29 S6.13: Kings, car parks and consent: should we sequence DNA from human remains?
2023-06-15 S6.12: Da Vinci’s DNA: What happens when genetics meets art
2023-06-01 S6.11: Meet the DNA Detectives hunting the causes of cancer
2023-05-18 S6.10: Space invaders: The amazing adaptations of tardigrades
2023-05-04 S6.09: Raiders of Noah’s Ark: Stealing genetic tricks from the animal kingdom
2023-04-27 BONUS Re-release S3.22 - The Past, Present and Future of the Human Genome Project
2023-04-20 S6.08: Pop goes the genome! Genetics in popular culture
2023-04-06 S6.07: Chris Hemsworth took a genetic test for Alzheimer's. Should you?
2023-03-23 S6.06: Bye-bye boys: The genetics behind the extinction of males
2023-03-09 S6.05: GMO or GM NO? The ethics and realities of genome editing
2023-02-23 S6.04: The diagnostic odyssey: A journey into genetic testing for rare diseases
2023-02-09 S6.03: Confident, competent or confused: What do you think you know about genetics?
2023-01-26 S6.02: Would you Adam and Eve it? In search of our earliest genetic ancestors
2023-01-12 S6.01 Baby brain, baby body: the genetics (and epigenetics) of reproduction
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