Catra Corbett

Catra has run over 250 ultra marathons. She holds the overall record (for men and women) for completing the John Muir Trail twice (out and back), a total of 424 miles, and has the second best all time result for a woman running one way (212 miles).

In November 2011 she ran her 80th 100 mile race. Known as one of the most determined and colourful characters in ultramarathon running,

Catra lives an extremely healthy lifestyle now, although she abused alcohol and illegal drugs in the past. She was arrested for selling speed and spent a night in jail, so decided to change her life altogether. This included going vegan and giving up alcohol and other drugs immediately.

Her positive attitude is a regular feature on her blog and something she brings to her job as a fitness training instructor.

2018-12-10 - The Rich Roll Podcast

2017-12-08 - Ten Junk Miles

2013-02-22 - Talk Ultra
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