As you probably already know, it is Women's History Month, and here at SunCast we have very intentional programming for the month of March. 3 years ago Miss Tara Doyle, a good friend of our show insisted that we do more for not just the gender diversity, but the equity across the board. We’re doing our best to keep that habit and intention here in March, promoting female voices and increasingly more equity generally, throughout our show.

We want to nod here to all of the fantastic leadership that is coming into the solar industry that just continues to blow our minds away. It’s well documented that companies with female leadership excel across many different metrics, not the least of which is profitability. And leadership skill is something that I personally learned more from my female bosses than my male bosses.

Today, we have someone that I'm really honored and proud to have on the show, Miss Anne Choate, and she’s been such an instrumental figure for so many organizations, public and private, across government lines across (country and state level) at ICF. If you haven’t heard about Anne, you’ll get to hear how she has risen through the ranks to command a legion of climate champions within an organization like ICF.

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