Episode 173 Last year during lockdown I was formerly diagnosed with ADHD at
the age of 40. So what do you do when Life Gives You Lemons (ADHD)?? You
record an hour long podcast episode about it! Well, maybe that’s just me…
Regardless, whether you or someone you know has ADHD, my hope is that in
sharing my story, some of the shame, stigma and misinformation surrounding
ADHD will be removed. In this episode I share my journey with ADHD along
with some myth busting, tips, tools, resources, and more, although the list
of resources and tools, etc… is by no means exhausted. I’m not a lover of
labels however, ADHD does come with a cluster of challenges for
individuals, but it’s by no means a full stop on a persons potential, in
fact, I see it as a newly opened window that finally lets some light in. I
hope at some stage you can see it that way too. x Corinne