Part of the mission of the BiggerPockets Money Show is to share journeys from all walks of life. Our guests show that no matter where you’re at, you can reach financial freedom and enjoy your life on your terms. Today’s guest, T Christopher Colton, is a shining example of pulling yourself out of the depths and into the light.

Chris never liked school, and was spanked all throughout elementary and middle school for failing to pay attention in class. He was told he needed to go to college, but didn’t have the passion for higher learning that other classmates did. He ran away from home multiple times, ended up being homeless, and addicted to drugs. He had stints as a car salesman, before going into carpentry.

With the help of his wife, Chris was able to get off the streets and live a stable life with his full time income. But, he wanted more. He became an electrician apprentice and started doing side work to help pay off the $100,000+ debt he had accumulated. Thankfully, he found out about financial independence through Dave Ramsey, putting him on a path to reject consumer debt, go hard on retirement accounts, and bring in more income.

In This Episode We CoverThe financial danger of buying a new car, and the costs that come with itSelling everything to get out of debt fastMoving states and reducing costs of living dramatically401(k)s, IRAs, and Roth IRAs for retirementStarting a side business and having your W2 pay for your everyday expensesGetting your children on a path to success with early financial independenceAnd So Much More!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets Money Facebook GroupBiggerPockets ForumsFinance Review Guest OnboardingScott's InstagramMindy's TwitterWECA ApprenticeshipCarMaxThe Ramsey ShowCheck the full show notes here: